Special Offering 2020 Newsletter Resource

The Rocks Are Crying Out: Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Up.
2020 Reconciliation Ministry Offering

Some Pharisees from the crowd told him, Teacher, get your disciples under control!  But he
If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.  Luke 19:39-40 MSG version

It has been twenty years since we proclaimed our anti-racist and pro-reconciliation identity.  We keep trying it on to see if it fits.  Over and over again, we find that it does.  On September 27th and October 5th, we will receive the Special Offering for Reconciliation Ministry in congregations.  This year’s theme is fitting for our response to the sustained unrest that has propelled many to engage in social activism in small towns and major cities.  The Rocks Are Crying Out: Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Up based in Luke 19:36 -40, reminds us, that like those first-century disciples following Jesus into Jerusalem, that we must lift our voices to acknowledge the divine message and the divine messenger that is Christ with us.  We are the ones to break the silence of oppression and suppression of human dignity based on the color of a person’s skin or their nation of origin.   The harmful impact of systemic racism has been lain bare in the health disparities of those impacted by the novel Coronavirus compelling us to ‘speak up’ naming the conditions that unjustly impact poor, black, and brown communities.  The extra-judicial treatment of black and brown bodies has compelled many to ‘show up’ in peaceful protests to affirm equitable treatment by law enforcement and to affirm human dignity for ALL.  We, too, are compelled to ‘stand up’ to witness to Christ’s profound love on behalf of those who are without hope because of historic economic oppression and wealth disparities in our communities.  Your generosity to Reconciliation Ministry strengthens the work and witness of congregations to be the vicarious presence of Christ where we serve.  Your giving promotes programs that provide anti-racism and pro-reconciliation education and resources such as our *“Choose Your Own Adventure” online bible study created by Disciples Peace Interns.  Your giving promotes inclusive worship and relationship-building through programs such as **One Bag of Tea conversation starter program. As well, your generosity funds grants that fuel advocacy like the Beloved Community mapping project of Greater Kansas City that connects congregations to community needs.  Your generosity strengthens our voice to shout “Hosanna, Hosanna, blessed are WE, the ones who come in the name of Lord!”  We thank you in advance for your generous giving on Sunday, September 27th and Sunday, October 5th to Reconciliation Ministry!

*Choose Your Own Adventure “A Parallel Journey” resource https://reconciliationministry.org/resources/

**One Bag of Tea program