One Bag of Tea, One Conversation, One Relationship

“One Bag of Tea, One Conversation, One Relationship” is founded in the principle of “Oneness in Christ” (John 17:21). In our endeavors to work for racial and social justice and ensure welcome for all, we can only accomplish this if we know each other better (we promote relationship-building). In this vein, we invite you to join the movement towards wholeness and embark on the journey of breaking down the walls that separate us by strengthening the bonds that make us one.

The idea is simple.  Invite someone or a group to share a cup of tea with you or your congregation. Preferably, this should be someone you want to get to know better or maybe someone you know but need to find a way to break the ice on the topic of anti-racism.  You can choose someone or a congregation that is different from you such as in gender, age, race, etc. then pick a date and location and follow the steps in the script to the right.

Our office has special tea bag wrappers with a script of specific questions to aid with the conversation.  You simply fold your tea bag in the wrapper, share your tea in its new cover, and enjoy the conversation.  Next, you give them one to share with someone else.  There is a cost of $15 to cover the cost of shipping.  We hope you’ll take the opportunity to do this in your congregation.  If you are interested or want more information about it, feel free to contact us! 

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