by the Minister of Reconciliation

“We wear the mask”

There is the powerful poem of Paul Lawrence Dunbar, We Wear the Mask. It was written over 100 years ago, yet it still has a strong resonance in the ethos of the African American community today. We all wear the mask, no matter what ethnicity we claim. We all where the mask, no matter what church holds our membership. We all wear the mask, no matter our family origin. We wear the mask to disguise the hurt that we can even talk about.

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“First Things First”

I love bumper stickers. They give you a bump and boost in the midst of heavy traffic. They can also make you think what kind of person owns that car, too. These days they aren’t as much fun since they represent mostly political musings. Many years ago, I used to drive 70 miles each way back and forth to work and let me tell you, sometimes a bumper sticker made the difference. Back then my favorite one read: “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.” Maybe it was just me but my spirit really resonated with that. Recently, a friend called me to tell me about a bumper sticker that caught her attention and knew I would like. It read, “God wants spiritual fruits, not nuts!” I know what you’re thinking, “um hum, I certainly know a few of those spiritual nuts!”

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