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Black History Month. African American History. Celebrated annual. In February in United States and Canada. In October in Great Britain. Poster, card, banner, background. Vector illustration


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Michele Norris: “Our Hidden Conversations: What Americans Really Think About Race and Identity”

Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts (Hardcover) - by Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges: “Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts”


Human Rights and Justice Activism Resources

Equity vs. Equality and Other Racial Justice Definitions


Rustin – Netflix BioPic on the Legacy of Bayard Rustin

“The Hill We Climb” Lesson Plan from Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Poem

Choose Your Own Adventure: A Parallel Journey
online Bible Study (play along with friends) here

Anti-Racism Resources List (downloadable)
What Can I Do Resource List

Anti Racism Bibliography


Other Resources



MTV Decoded:  5 Things You Should Know About Racism




“How To Hide An Empire”
by Daniel Immerwahr
“The Land Is Not Empty”
by Sarah Augustine and Dan Peplow

Reconciliation Ministry would like to build a database of strong resources that address racism, prejudice, inequality, and culture in our society. If you have additional resources that you feel would be helpful, or if you have found resources that have been helpful in your community or ministry, please contact Reconciliation Ministry, and share those with us.


Reconciliation Ministry is pleased to announce Grants that we are receiving proposals for  new projects that target anti-racism/anti-bigotry and projects that promote initiatives that are promote racial reconciliation.  Grant awards are intended for General Ministries, Regional Ministries, Institutions of Higher Education and recognized ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)  Congregational ministries are encourage to present their proposal for Reconciliation grants to their Region.

Guidelines | RM Grant Application PDF Fillable 
Las Pólizas y Directrices de Subvención | Solicitud de Subvencionion 
기금 정책과 지침에 관한 안내서  (4/29/16)화해사역국 기금 신청서 (4/29/16)

Ernest J. Newborn, Sr. Legacy Grant Program

This grant program honors the legacy of Dr.  Ernest J. Newborn, Sr. who was the fifth Director of Reconciliation and the first director to guide the combined fund and grant development efforts for the mission fund.  This grant program intends to provide seed funds for small racial reconciliation and anti-racism projects that address structural barriers for people of color to fully thrive in community.   Programs awarded by this program are short-term, achievable and accountable to the communities the award will benefit.  The application form and guidelines can be accessed here.

Other Disciples Resources