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    Sound the Trumpets:
    Unmuted Ministry; uncommon love; united in service

    September 24th and October 1st

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    National Hispanic American Heritage Month 2023

    Library of Congress Resources for National Hispanic Heritage Month 

    Link to Central Pastoral Office of Hispanic Ministries (CPOHM)




    13 Books You Need to Read Right Now If You Want to Be Anti-Racist 


    “We Need to be Who We Say We Are” GMP and Reconciliation Minister Invite You



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    Disciples Peace Interns Launch a “Parallel Journey” Anti-Racism Bible Study Resource in Collaboration with Reconciliation Ministry

    Click Here to Explore this New Resource!

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    Reconciliation Ministry is our shared ministry and currently has numerous expressions in the life of our church.

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    One of the most effective ways to work for change is joining a Transformation Team. Teams are developed and trained to organize for change within their institution.

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