Day 1  Welcome to 21-Days of Prayer 2022 – April Johnson
Day 2  Prayers of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Day 3 Rev. Nathan Hill, Sr. Pastor University Christian Church
Day 4  Rev. Alan Dickens, Member of the Reconciliation Ministry Commission
Day 5  Natalie Teague, Immigration Legal Counsel
Day 6  Yvonne Gilmore, Interim Associate General Minister & Administrative Secretary of the National Convocation
Day 7  Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray, Director Disciples of Peace Fellowship
Day 8  Rev. Chris Wilson, Senior Pastor St. Andrews Christian Church, Olathe, KS
Day 9  Rev. Margie Pride, Retired Pastor, Core Trainer Reconciliation Ministry
Day 10 Rev. Amie Vanderford, The LabOratory Church
Day 11 Rev. Oscar Banks, Pastor Palm Lake Christian Church (DOC)
Day 12 Rev. Melissa Guthrie, Executive Director and Minister Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance
Day 13 Rev. Michael Riggs, Pastor Union Avenue Christian Church
Day 14 Alexis Vaughan, Justice Coordinator, National Benevolent Association
Day 15 Rev. Bill Rose-Heim, Regional Minister Greater Kansas City
Day 16 Laurie Feille, Minister First Christian Church Minneapolis
Day 17 Rev. Dr. Brooks Barrick, First Christian Church, Noblesville
Day 18 Candace Boyd Simmons, Reconciliation Program Coordinator & Ministry Associate
Day 19 Rev. Joshua Patty, Regional Minister & President Upper Midwest
Day 20 Rev. Angel Luis Rivera-Agosto, Global Ministries Latin America and the Caribbean Area Executive
Day 20 Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Associate Director for Domestic Disaster Response
Day 21 Rev. Luther Young, Woodland Christian Church