Special Offering 2019

Embodying the Call

Fill in the blank.  “You are the embodiment of _______!  If that expression indicates that you are the embodiment of something delightful and pleasant, it is definitely a blessing.  But what if someone told you that, “you are the embodiment of Christ?” How does that make you feel?  For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.”* We are the body of Christ and all of us are members of this one body.   As a church body, we have been on this journey to embrace and understand an identity as a Church that is pro-reconciling and anti-racist for 20 years.  We know the meaning of this mission imperative.  We understand that the reconciled Church is moving toward ‘right-aligning’ ourselves with each other and Christ.  This journey is difficult.  It is fraught with messiness and mystery.  God is in all and through all in spite of our differences.  We have different origin stories, different languages, different understandings of how and who to love. God remains in the midst of all of us.

When we stand with those who desire to provide for their families in an environment that is safe and full of opportunity, we embody Christ’s love for our neighbor.  When we sit together over ‘a cup of tea’ and listen to each other’s stories and dreams and commit to hold each other in the bonds of community and fellowship, we embody the love of Christ.  We are the embodiment of Christ in all of our chaotic, messy reality full of joy and mystery.  Reconciliation Ministry is your mission of embodiment to love one another as Christ loves us.  Your generosity fuels our granting programs, youth and young adult leadership development, and Regional and General Ministry outreach toward building beloved community through advocacy, intentional conversation and action.  Your giving enlivens our Churchwide witness and presence as the one body of Christ in the communities where we live and serve!  Thank you for your generosity!

*(1 Corinthians 12:12 NRSV)

About the Special Offering

The Special Offering is used to fund our Church’s mission imperative to become an pro-reconciling and anti-racist church utilizing  experiential education, inclusive worship and intentional dialogue. Our efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering. Through it we are able to provide programs for leadership development, curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities.

Recent events have reignited the conversation about human brokenness evidenced in the sin of racism and perpetuated in our institutional structures and systems. Your generous giving to Reconciliation Ministry is transforming lives and strengthening Christ’s witness in the world showing that we love one another, even as Christ continues to love us!

Donations on behalf of emergency grants on behalf of impacted communities and congregations toward healing for the communities of Ferguson, Staten Island, Charleston, S.C., and Baltimore can be directed to the Reconciliation Annual Fund/Racial Justice Response.

Why Have a Special Offering?

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has a history dating from the 1960s of sharing our resources to address the racism of our society and the racism within our own church. We have called this process the Reconciliation Ministry.

We receive this offering in the fall and use the funds throughout the year to give grants to the pro-reconciliation/anti-racism initiative to organize to dismantle systems and structures that perpetuate this sin of division within the Church.

The 2020 Vision adopted by our church names this work as one of the four priorities of our mission together as a whole church. This voluntary annual offering is the only source of funding for this ministry.

As the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) lives into its identity as a “movement for wholeness in a fragmented world” contributions to this offering facilitate camp and conference and leadership development opportunities as well as programs for dialogue across difference that promotes life-giving community within our beloved church and among the whole family of God.