Go back, be reconciled

2015RMOfferingLogoToday I will attend the funeral of my maternal uncle. He is the last of his generation and the elders of our tribe. That side of the family is Catholic. I will attend as a defector of the faith of the family. I am not attending as a lapsed Catholic, but as a baptized Baptist, an ordained minister and member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This reunion of family and friends will take place during the visit of Pope Francis to the United States. My family is likely heartened and proud of this Pope and their relationship to his faith and the Catholic Church in this their time of deep grief. Continue reading Go back, be reconciled

Special Offering 2015: Be Reconciled; Move, Heal, Bound Together

2015RMOfferingLogoThe 2015 Reconciliation Offering will be received in congregations on September 27th and October 4th.

The Special Offering is used to fund our Church’s mission imperative to become an pro-reconciling and anti-racist church utilizing the tools experiential education (training), inclusive worship and intentional dialogue. Our efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering providing for programs of leadership development ,curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities. The year 2015 has catapulted the conversation about human brokenness evidenced in the sin of racism and perpetuated in our institutional structures and systems. Your generous giving to Reconciliation Ministry is transforming lives and strengthening Christ’s witness in the world that we love one another, even as Christ continues to love us!

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